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1 Many Youth Newly Diagnosed with Diabetes Aren't Screened for Retinopathy
2 Screen time linked to increased diabetes risk in children: study
3 Lifelong Extra Weight Predicts Poor Physical Shape in Old Age
4 How dietary factors influence disease risk
5 2017 Diabetes Care Standards Issued
6 Youth with type 2 diabetes develop complications more often than type 1 peers
7 Mediterranean Diet, The Diet Of The 21st Century?
8 Managing diabetic retinopathy: ADA releases new position statement
9 EU nod for Novo’s new fast-acting insulin
10 Progress Toward a “Bionic Pancreas” for Type 1 Diabetics
11 Is Social Network Activity Associated with Lower Mortality?
12 This Month IS NOT for the Diabetes Community….it’s for Those Who Know Nothing!!!!
13 Abbott Receives FDA Approval for the FreeStyle Libre Pro™ System, a Revolutionary Diabetes Sensing Technology for Healthcare Professionals to Use with Their Patients
14 FDA Clears Abbott's Needle-Free CGM For Professional Use
15 FDA approves first automated insulin delivery device for type 1 diabetes
16 High-Fat Mediterranean Diet Might Cut Risk for CV Events, Breast Cancer, and Diabetes
17 Diabetes-Cancer Link Strongest Immediately After Diabetes Diagnosis
18 I'll Have That on Whole Wheat: More Evidence for Whole Grains' Health Benefits
19 Emotions and Diabetes: Should you see a therapist?
20 HbA1c variability predicts retinopathy, nephropathy in teens with type 1 diabetes
21 Mothers with diabetes more likely to also have anti-fetal brain autoantibodies
22 ADA: Just Walk Away From Diabetes
23 New, faster-acting insulin from Novo Nordisk improves blood glucose levels in studies
24 Bionic Pancreas Reduces Hypoglycemia with Automated Glucagon Delivery #2016ADA
25 Pioglitazone Decreases Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Stroke Patients with Insulin Resistance #2016ADA
26 Eye study underscores the long-lasting benefits of controlling diabetes
27 Abbott Announces Positive Results From Groundbreaking Study Of FreeStyle® Libre System For People With Type 1 Diabetes
28 Home Use of a Dual Hormone, Bionic Pancreas Safely Reduces Blood Glucose Levels and Hypoglycemia in Adults While Continuing Normal Daily Activities #2016ADA
29 First Type 1 Diabetes Patient in Europe is Free from Insulin Therapy after Undergoing Diabetes Research Institute’s BioHub Transplant Technique
30 Artificial Pancreas Success in Type 1 Diabetes in Pregnancy
31 Carbs, Spikes and Snack Ideas
32 Reaction to the Numbers
33 Diabetes Research Institute Celebrates a Decade of Freedom From Insulin Injections for Third Islet Transplant Patient
34 Incident Type 2 diabetes and the effect of early regression to normoglycaemia in a population with impaired glucose regulation
35 Mini-Organ Would Mimic Pancreas to Treat Type 1 Diabetes
36 Maternal Diabetes Affected Type 2 Diabetes Development in Children
37 Liraglutide Improves Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetics Treated with Multiple Daily Insulin Injections
38 Does Skipping Breakfast Matter in Non–Insulin-Treated Diabetic Patients?
39 Viruses and type 1 diabetes: a new look at an old story.
40 Cardiovascular Effect of Sitagliptin in Type 2 Diabetes
41 No heart safety issues seen with Merck Januvia diabetes drug: study
42 Overweight diabetes patients outlive slimmer ones - study
43 Effect of Kidney Disease in the ACCORD Trial
44 Developing Insulin-Producing Cells to Treat Diabetes
45 For Patients with Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes, Metformin Is the Best First Choice
46 Clinical trials factsheet
47 Abbott Receives CE Mark for FreeStyle® Libre, a Revolutionary Glucose Monitoring System for People with Diabetes
48 FDA approves Afrezza to treat diabetes
49 Islet cell transplantation provided healing effect for neuropathy
50 Unmet needs in glucose monitoring
51 Do Specific DSM Disorders Increase the Risk for Diabetes?
52 Stronger kids have lower risks for diabetes and heart disease
53 Childhood virus may increase type 1 diabetes risk
54 Longer-Term Follow-Up from a Bariatric Surgery Trial for Diabetic Patients
55 FDA approves pediatric use of Dexcom's G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitoring system
56 Program may help diabetics head off low blood sugar
57 Returning to School with Diabetes
58 No Link Found Between Various Insulins and Breast Cancer
59 Early, late solid food exposures up diabetes risk
60 Diabetes Lifestyle Intervention Trial Stopped: Cardiovascular Outcomes Unchanged
61 Insulin Pump Reduces Nocturnal Hypoglycemia by Suspending Insulin
62 Major hurdle cleared to diabetes transplants
63 Diabetes and Depression
64 Diabetes doesn't just cause blindness - it could also make you deaf, warn doctors
65 Is Alzheimer’s a Kind of Mental Diabetes?
66 Pancreas/Kidney Graft Improves Survival for Type 1 Patients
67 Closed-loop insulin therapy improves glycemic control in young diabetics
68 The British Invade Berlin! #EASD2012
69 Statin Benefits Offset Diabetes Risk
70 Cataracts Risk Is Increased by Both Diabetes And Statins
71 What's the Optimal HbA1c Level in Elders?
72 Diabetes May Be Reversed By Long-Used Vaccine For TB
73 Is there an "obesity paradox" in diabetes?
74 Protection From Retinopathy and Other Complications in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes of Extreme Duration The Joslin 50-Year Medalist Study
75 Diabetes Screening During and After Pregnancy: We Must Do Better
76 More Bad News for Rosiglitazone
77 Low vitamin D may be risk factor for Metabolic Syndrome
78 Diabetes May Double Cancer Risk in Women
79 Drinking Alcohol Can Lower Chance of Diabetes
80 Link Between Diabetes and Family History
81 Eating Disorders
82 Search for Better Diabetes Therapy Falls Short
83 1st International Abu Dhabi Diabetes Congress
84 Depression and Advanced Complications of Diabetes
85 Childhood Metabolic Measurements May Predict Diabetes Development Years Later
86 The Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes Is Increasing in Both Children and Young Adults in Northern Italy
87 FDA-approved drug may slow beta cell destruction
88 Effect of emotions on diabetics studied
89 Long-acting insulin works best for many diabetics
90 Data Analysis Reinforces the Safety Profile of Levemir(R)
91 Latest Diabetes Figures Paint Grim Global Picture International Diabetes Federation says epidemic out of control
92 Levemir Does Not Increase Risk of Cancer: Studies
93 Experts cautious over link between insulin, cancer risk
94 Sanofi-aventis launches research programme to find association between cancer & insulin use
95 Noninsulin-Producing Alpha Cells in the Pancreas Can Be Converted to Insulin-Producing Beta Cells
96 Kidney Disease Predicts Mortality in Type 1 Diabetes
97 Metformin Lowers Risk for Pancreatic Cancer
98 Converting Noninsulin-Producing Alpha Cells In The Pancreas To Insulin-Producing Beta Cells
99 Early Communication About Safety of Lantus (insulin glargine)
100 A Potential T Cell Therapy Clears Laboratory Hurdles